Friday, May 7, 2010

Big 'ol box of...

Civilian clothes arrived today! He had to send home some underwear too.. I guess I packed to many haha. While I was glad to get them, because I got to picture him in uniform, I still wanted to cry when I saw them. I've kept it together pretty well so far...but yeah. He wrote me a short note that was included and that made my day. I pinned it on my calendar so I will always see it. I can't wait to get my first letter.


Christina said...

I'm a new follower :)

I remember when my husband's clothes came to me. A box sitting on my doorstep when I came home from work. I balled like a baby. I didn't expect them. I had noone to talk to about the military life, and I didn't know they would send his things home. I didn't wash his shirt for weeks. It smelled like him, and it was such a big comfort to me. When his smell went away, I finally washed it. lol

P.S.I hope you join the competition I'm hosting! :D

The Sawyer Bunch said...

Thanks for following :) and I didn't cry.. yet. I know it will come. I just feel like I can't right now :)

kmelanese said...

Do you get to talk to him at all during his training? Or just write? Ryan and I didn't live together for 5 months through his trainging and us moving around last year. It was so hard and I got to talk to him everyday and see him every other weekend. I can't even imagine not being able to talk. Hang in there it will be worth it!

The Sawyer Bunch said...

Katrina - I talked to him on Tuesday night so he could let me know he made it to bootcamp.. but then he told me not to expect a phone call for 2 - 3 weeks. He will be able to write me soon :)

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