Saturday, May 15, 2010


I hear the phone ring, my heart hopes it Joey while my mind knows it's not. Today was a hard day. Nothing bad happened and it's not like I even had much down time. Maybe it's because I've been holding it in for to long and I'm emotionally exhausted. I don't know. It's simple.

I miss him.

I miss the way he smells at night after a long day. I miss the way he smiles. I miss his laugh. I miss him whispering in the dark "I love you a million billion gillion times 2". I miss him holding my hand. I miss his hugs. I miss his kiss. I miss talking to him. I miss laughing with him. I miss laughing at him. 

I've been strong until now and I don't think I can hold it in much longer.

I need a hug.


kmelanese said...


Lucky Dimes and Dog Tags said...

Missing him is one of the most beautiful things you can feel after loving him. It's a reminder of how he completes you, how blessed you are to have him and how amazing life is when you are together.

I know it's no comfort now. He's gone and you miss him. He's there and you're "here". But in time, it will pass and you'll look back and remember these days as the moments you discovered your own strength and the strength of your relationship.

Hang in there. By the time you read this, you are already closer to him than you were when you wrote your blog. See, he's getting closer every moment.

Chesney said...

im sorry this is so hard for you sarah. it would be for me too. id give you a huge hug if i was there, and wed hang out all the time so you wouldnt feel quite as lonely.

Christina said...

The hard days suck. You will get through them. Just keep your head up. :)

I had some really bad days when my husband was away at bootcamp as well. Every time the phone rang I got all excited and hoped it was him. I slept with his dirty tshirts because they smelled like him. It was what would comfort me at night.

Just keep positive. Every day that passes is another closer to being with him :)


The Sawyer Bunch said...

Thank you girls. ♥ I appreciate the nice comments and the hugs. I watched a girly movie and fell asleep dreaming of him. I am so hoping a letter comes this week!!

Star Spangled said...

I'm a couple of days late, but *hug.* I know it's not the same, but just know you've got bloggy friends who are thinking about you!

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