Friday, May 14, 2010

Friday Five 5/14

~ Best day of the week? Wednesday. I finally got Joey's address!!

~ Best meal of the week?
Sunday, we had tri-tip, brussel sprouts, grilled veggies.. mmm

~ Movie you're looking forward to this summer? Toy Story 3 :)

~ If you could have lived in any time period which one would you choose?
I have a few, but my number 1 is the 1950's. Such a cool era.

~ Do your kids have a favorite color?


Whitney said...

I can't wait til Toy Story 3 comes out either! A few months ago, Toy Story & Toy Story came out at the theater again. It might have been in 3-D. I'm not sure. It was really neat though to see them once again on the big screen.

The Sawyer Bunch said...

I love Disney! I don't think we'll see it in 3D though. My daughter wont keep the glasses on so it's a total waste of money for us, but I'm reallly excited for it to come out!

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