Saturday, May 22, 2010

I'm 25 today...

So here are 25 random things about me!

1. My middle name is Wildes
2. My all time favorite movie is "That Thing You Do"
3. My favorite colors are black & white
4. Harry Potter is the first book I ever read for pleasure (at age 15!)
5. I love Hollywood gossip
6. I love to cook
7. I hate tomatoes but I love tomato juice
8. I've seen "Phantom of the Opera" on Broadway 3 times, 5 times total
9. I've been to Europe
10. I have an insanely irrational fear of Jack the Ripper
11. I love True Crime books
12. My favorite drink is Diet Dr. Pepper
13. I've been to Mexico
14. I met my husband when I was 15, he was 14
15. I don't like wearing shoes
16. I still have my American Girl doll, Samantha and all her books (and even her cookbook!)
17. I have read the entire "Harry Potter" series, 5 times all the way through
18. Joey and I honeymooned in NYC
19. I prefer chips & dip over sweets
20. I have been to Canada
21. I've seen every episode of "Friends"
22. I named Lucy after my moms nickname growing up (lucy from the peanut cartoons)
23. Bountiful is my favorite temple, and is where we were married
24. Arnold Schwarzenegger came to my elementary school and we worked out together on the field
25. After I watched "Apollo 13" I wanted to be an astronaut


Amanda said...

Happy Birthday!! I love chips and dip and Harry Potter too!

Whitney said...

I love Hollywood gossip too!

Wife on the Roller Coaster said...

Happy birthday! What a great idea to do 25 things about yourself. My birthday was last week too, but if I had done that, my list would have been WAY longer than yours! :)

The Sawyer Bunch said...

Thanks everyone!

Lindsay said...

Happy Birthday!!! I loved reading about you :)

Lindsay said...

PS Bountiful Temple was where I was married too!!!

Mr. Superman & Mrs. S. said...

Happy Birthday!! The Bountiful Temple is gorgeous! Aren't they all? We were sealed in the Mesa, Arizona Temple :)

The Sawyer Bunch said...

Thanks everyone! Bountiful was my floating castle :)

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