Wednesday, May 19, 2010

It's funny

the way the mind works. Lucy and I decided to visit my dad at work today. Normally I would leave everything in the car since walking through security is easier (he's a judge) but I decided to take my phone. Normally I wouldn't answer a long distance number, because I was afraid it was chase telling me our car payment was late. Today I took the phone with me and I answered the call.

I am so glad I did. 

It was Joey. He got the phone call to tell me his graduation date had changed but we got to talk for 10 minutes. He cried. A mixture of exhaustion/homesickness/the fact that we haven't spoken to each other in 2 weeks, caused his tears I'm sure. I didn't cry (although I am right now). He apparently called my house first, no one was home.. then he called my sister who didn't answer her phone either. Thankfully he had enough time and he called my cell. Lucy got to talk to him and he got very teary during that. He is afraid she is forgetting him, but we watch his DVD at least once a day so she isn't. She was happy. "I lub you too daddy".

I am so glad to hear from him. I needed to hear "I love you" so badly, and I needed him to hear "I love you".

Now it's like we're starting over again. Having to say "goodbye" and hang up the phone was hard. I just wanted to say over and over "I love you a million billion gillion". I hope if I send it out in the universe he'll feel it.

Joey-I love you a million billion gillion.


kmelanese said...

I am so glad you got to talk to him!!! I know that Lucy could never forget him!!

The Sawyer Bunch said...

So.. super weird. It says I have a comment but I can't see it. Can anyone else?

Ashleigh said...

I'm guessing that he can feel your love vibes :)

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