Thursday, May 20, 2010

Thursday Five

I'm going to start this new thing, like so many other bloggers, with mannland5!

So we list the things that have made us: 







Just plain ol' happy this week!
1. JOYFUL: Lucy has hugged me every morning and told me she loves me, and that I make her happy
2. GIDDY: I found out that we are 1 day closer to graduation. His date change, 43 days instead of 44!
3. EXCITED: I found my mother's day gift from Joey yesterday. A heart necklace with matching earrings. 

4. THANKFUL: I'm thankful my mom let me cry yesterday
5. JUBILANT: My scale is moving in the right direction!!
6. HAPPY: JOEY CALLED YESTERDAY!!! I got a whole 10 minutes of his voice, and Lucy got to talk to him. Nothing could make a better birthday gift for me!


Jane Cat said...

um thats 6

Amanda said...

thats so great!! im so glad you got to talk to him.

Lindsay said...

So exciting!!!

Mr. Superman & Mrs. S. said...

I missed it this week! That is so sweet and so exciting!!

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