Thursday, May 13, 2010


Mrs. Gambizzle posted about a new contest going on right now, and I thought I would enter as well :)

Is hosting this contest and it's wedding themed!

We met at a church dance when I was 15 he was 14. I knew immediately I was going to marry him (creepy?) and I even told all my friends that. They of course laughed at me! We danced and I told him I thought he was cute and whatever. We saw each other off and on for the next 2 years but never actually dated. In September 2002 we met again at a church dance. Joey had just broken up with his girlfriend and I had broken up with a boyfriend about a month prior.

Thanks to his friend, Chad, we spent the whole night together talking and laughing. Chad kept telling Joey he needed to ask me to a dance. I asked for his number and we went our separate ways. I was strong. I waited until Monday to call him. I asked him out on our first date. So romantic. We went to "On The Border" Mexican food and mini-golfing. Joey kissed me on the golf course and asked if we could start a relationship. After 2 weeks..I was in love. I knew it. I knew he was my soulmate. I of course was NOT going to tell him that. I didn't want to scare him away!

About a week after my realization we were talking on the phone. He sounded funny and weird and I thought he was going to break up with me. This is what he said "don't be scared.. I love you". My heart did a flip and I started to cry. Lame!

I graduated high school and moved to Utah to attend college. We decided to do a long distance thing, and while it was hard we made it work. After he graduated we moved to Las Vegas together while he attended school.

In December 2004 I got mono and went home so my mommy could take care of me! Joey came home for Christmas and come over so we could exchange gifts. I was positive he was going to propose, (I had driven his car a couple weeks before and found a couple of pictures of engagement rings..) I was trying to keep myself together! After all our gifts were given there was no ring. I was disappointed. THEN! He says, "I have one more gift for you" and pulls out his guitar. He starts to sing me a song that he wrote, just for me! The last lines of the song are:

"I have a question now,
what will the answer be?
Sarah my love,
Will you marry me?"

and then he pulled out a rose and inside was my ring. I was so taken aback by the song I cried.. and I was trying not to throw up! I of course said "yes" and then we hugged and kissed :)

I had always known where I wanted to be married. When I was 12 my dad and I were taking my older sister to a summer camp at BYU. On the way into Salt Lake you can see the Bountiful Temple. When I saw it was dark and the lights were on. It looked like a floating castle. I knew that is where I wanted to go. I spent my whole life dreaming about it.

On July 12, 2005 I married my prince in my castle. The day was hot (like 115 or something) and I had forgotten my veil and my shoes. But it was perfect. I love him more today than I did then. He is my everything. My hero. My eternal companion.

(yes his eyes are closed!)


Skinnie Piggie said...

Cute!!!! You guys go waaaaaay back. Thanks for entering... wrong button, but I'll let it slide, haha.

Your link has been added to the entry page:

The Sawyer Bunch said...

I fixed it!

Alison said...

Such a sweet story!

Mrs. Gambizzle said...

Awww cute story & thanks so much for the link in the post you're so sweet! :)

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