Friday, June 25, 2010

Friday Five 6/25

~ Best Day of the Week? Thursday. I got a letter from Joey telling me that we might be getting 2 days together!

~ Best Meal of the Week? The fondue yesterday was pretty amazing!

~ Favorite Summer Memory? I have a lot of really great memories. But I would have to say.. August 2002 when Joey and I met up again and we started dating...July 2005 when we got married... and August 2006 when we found out we were pregnant! And definitely July 1, 2010 when we are reunited!

~ Oreo or Chips Ahoy? Oreo

~ Weekend Plans? Cleaning today and really nothing else planned!!


Christina said...

Yay for time together!! :D

And, Definitely oreos! Double stuffed!! :D (although, I'm allergic to chocolate!!) haha

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