Saturday, June 19, 2010

I feel like I'm doomed

to cry anytime I see a military homecoming of any sort. I watched "Valentine's Day" tonight, have you seen it? It's a silly comedy that is sad and depressing actually for most of the movie but, as always, has a happy ending. Basically, if you haven't seen the movie, it's the story of like 12 different people (whose lives all intersect one way or another) and their day on Valentine's Day. The story that this particular post is about is Julia Robert's character.

She plays Captain Kate Hazeltine of the US Army. Her whole story takes place on a plane on her way home to see a "special guy". We find out that she has spent 14 hours on a plane to spend 1 night with this guy. Pretty amazing right? At the end we find out (although you can figure it out rather quickly) that she is flying to see her son (who also has a story of his own).

I tried my hardest NOT to cry, but alas I cried like a baby. All I can picture is the day that he comes home and I get to see the look on Lucy's face when she sees her daddy again. It is an incredible feeling, and I can't seem to stop the tears.

So now a video.. to make you all cry too.


Ashleigh said...

Oh gosh, I tear up every time I imagine my husband's homecoming.

Amanda said...

i know what you mean girl!! ive always been sappy about military stuff, but now it's ten times worse!!! we'll see them soon!!!! :D

Erin said...

I'm glad I'm not alone in that! I'm always a wreck over homecomings, too.

lmc said...

Yes, you are doomed. But it's ok, we all are :)

Marissa said...

It's true, we all cry at homecomings, mostly out of jealousy! :)

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