Tuesday, June 1, 2010


So I only had 5 entries this time around, so I will only be giving out 2 prizes this time.

1st prize goes to.... dah dah dah duh!!!!!!!!!  Ashleigh!

and 2nd prize goes to....dah dah dah duh!!!!!!!!!  Melissa!
congratulations girls! Please send me an address that I can ship your presents too (sawyerbunch@yahoo.com) you will be receiving some samples of my favorite beauty products!
Thanks for all who participated! Check back for a new contest later on!


Mr. & Mrs. said...

Thank you!!

I will email you shortly with my info :)

lancasterm said...

CONGRATS =) you linked ashleigh to my blog, so if people were to read hers it would give them mine...

Ashleigh said...

thank you :) sorry it took so long for me to get back, i'll email you right now! xxoo

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