Saturday, July 24, 2010

100th Post! and an award!

I've had this blog since early May and today I've reached my 100th post! I've had my family blog since April 2009 and I only have 75 posts. Ha. Anyways.. I'd like to say a big hello to my new followers. Please introduce yourself! I love to meet new people. 

So When we go our verbal orders to Virginia I spent 2 1/2 days looking at housing, trying to find a prechool and gymnastics, how long of a drive it is to Grammy's, Uncle Jim, and my sister. I finally narrowed housing down to an area, had a couple of preschools that were actually schools and not daycare centers, and a couple of gymnastic places that were decently priced. Then came the phone call. Friday morning I was still looking at things when Sailor Man called with our paper orders and very casually said "forget Norfolk we're going to San Diego". My mouth hung open and I was in shock! I couldn't believe there was such a change! Geesh.

So I spent most of the day yesterday on the phone trying to get information about housing and such. I joined a couple "San Diego Navy Wives" groups on Facebook and then spent the majority of my morning today putting together a list of places (2-beds since that's what we qualify for!) with different amenities. Sailor Man thinks he will be able to fly to San Diego either next Friday or the following Tuesday, and Lucy and I will drive down to meet him, spend a couple of days there looking for housing.. drive home and get ready for the actual move. 90% of our stuff is in a storage unit so we'll pack up the remaining 10% and move it over there since it's just easier. We will have movers do the actual moving though. BUT we will drive our own car down there, which is a huge relief. I was really stressed about how we were going to get ourselves over to VA. It would cost roughly $1,000 just to fly + rental car + lodging until we have a house. At least this way we'll save on the car and flight. I'm hoping when we go down next week we will be able to sign a contract and have a house to go to. It would make life so much easier if we could do that. Seriously. It would.

Now on to the award! 

Mrs. Gambizzle AND Brittany both gave me this award!

TO accept it I have to list seven things about myself, and pass it on to nine more lovely blogs.

  1. I am hardcore addicted to Facebook and Blogger
  2. I love being a housewife. I love to cook and clean for my husband.
  3. I got a circut recently and haven't used it because I'm moving soon and I don't want to open it just yet.. but it's killing me
  4. I'm getting back into scrapbooking
  5. I plan on buying Disneyland passports as soon as we move :)
  6. I don't drink or smoke
  7. I am in the middle of about 4 books right now.
And for the nine lovely blogs to pass this on to...

  1. Amanda @ It is what it is
  2. Elizabeth @ The Young Retiree
  3. Mrs. S @ The Adventures of Mr. Superman and Mrs. S
  4. Stacie@ Rambling Military Wife
  5. Jessica @ {Mis}Adventures of an Army Wife
  6. Melissa @ Mr, Mrs, & Little Miss
  7. Bethany @ A Southern Belle & Her Officer
  8. Carmen @ We see the same stars
  9. Katie @ Diary of a Disgruntled Marine Bride-to-be



Bethany said...

Thanks, girl!!!! :)

Amanda said...

thanks so much doll!

Mr. Superman & Mrs. S. said...

Thank you!! Definitely put a smile on my face. I'll add you to my awards page!!

Staci said...

Thank you!!! You're awesome! We are totally gonna hafta talk Cricut sometime! Which one did you get? The Expression? I LOVE mine!

That is so wild about your orders! Silly military changing things! My hubby got orders back to here a few months ago, but he PCA'd to a different wing for a special duty, so the orders didn't count. It was so weird!

Carmen said...

Thank you so much lovely! I added you to my blog award list! =)

Jessica @ {Mis}Adventures of an Army Wife said...

YAY! Awesome! Thank you!

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