Friday, July 2, 2010

Day 14

Day Fourteen
Remember how I said that I love "true crime" books, well they are in fact my favorite non-fiction type books. I find them SOOOOOOOOOO interesting. So here are two of my favorite!

   This is a long book, but it takes through EVERYTHING that happened. The murders, arrests, trials, penalty phase and what the "Family" is doing today. There are some graphic parts that will make you cringe but it's an amazing book. The man who wrote it, Vincent Bugliosi, was the Prosecutor of the case, and he knows what he is talking about. I think he spent well over a a year on the case and worked at least 20 hours a day on the case. He lived it!

This one is about Ted Bundy. The woman who wrote this, Ann Rule, worked with him at a crisis hotline center in Seattle. She is hired by the police (usually) to write about the crimes for books. She was hired to write this book 6 months before the police knew who the killer was. When she was writing it I guess she had her suspicions but she never guessed that the same Ted who worked with her, the man who walked her to her car to make sure she was safe, would be the same Ted who brutally murdered between 26-100 woman. 


Carmen said...

I was never a really big fan of mystery books but I do enjoy In Cold Blood which is a true story. It's a movie now too but it's quite the read. =)

Whitney said...

I love nonfiction books as well. They are my favorite genre. I love reading true crime books about crimes and serial killers. I also love to read biographies, but it depends on who it is about.

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