Tuesday, July 6, 2010

day 18

Day Eighteen
Whatever tickles my fancy

 I love love love love skype. Seriously, best invention EVER. Now that Sailor Man is in A-school I am able to talk to him daily. We made a "date" to skype every night at 4:30 so Lucy could talk/see him and so we could talk/see each other as well. Lucy thinks it's awesome to see her daddy, she tells everyone all the time that she saw her daddy. 

So school doesn't actually start for him until next Monday, but he's doing briefings and meetings this week about stuff in the Navy. I don't know why they couldn't do it at boot camp and let him get started at school, but whatever. I'm not in charge. He could potentially be home in 3 weeks instead of 4! We also could potentially be getting our orders next Monday. I'm feeling all kinds of strange emotions when it comes to that. I have lived near my family my whole life, with the exception of maybe a year, I've always lived 10 minutes from my parents. We now have the chance to move 3,000+ miles away from family.

I'm a big girl now I guess I have to deal with "growing up". But I wont lie, I might cry for my mommy. However, I also wont lie when I say that I'm excited for this new journey in our lives. We will be a complete family again in {potentially} 3 weeks and we'll be moving away where we can only depend on each other. I'm excited yet extremely nervous about it at the same time. How did you all deal with your first big move? 

So, remember my While You're Away post? Well voting starts tonight! So please head over to Christina's Blog , and read some of the other entries and if you like mine please vote for me! Thank you!


Carmen said...

Skype really is a great invention. I adore it. It saved me when my friends where abroad and when Mike was deployed. I'm so glad that you guys will be a family again soon! That's always a great feeling! =)

Lindsay said...

I have never skyped before, sounds so awesome though. Glad you are able to use it.

Mr. Superman & Mrs. S. said...

Skype is the BEST!!

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