Monday, July 12, 2010

day 24 (happy anniversary!)

Day Twenty Four
Whatever tickles your fancy

10 years ago I met the boy I would marry. He was not a member of the church at the time but his best friends were. There was a stake dance and when you're 14 and 15 there isn't anything more exciting than going to a church dance. I was there with my group of girlfriends when I spotted a group of boys. I knew one of them, Joey's BFF was a mutual friend. The moment I laid eyes on Joey I knew. I turned to my group of friends and informed them that he was the boy I was going to marry. 

8 years ago we were at another church dance together. He had just broken up with his long-time girlfriend and I had just gotten back from a trip. Neither one of us wanted to be there. Luckily, we both were "forced" to be there. We started chatting and hung out most of the night. We exchanged numbers, but I was anxious. I didn't think he would call. Monday afternoon after school I called him. I asked him on our first date. We had Mexican Food and played Miniature Golf. On that golf course he bent over and kissed me by surprise. 
5 1/2 years ago we were living in Vegas. We talked about getting married a lot. Most people didn't understand. Joey was only 18 and I was only 19. We were way to young for most people (including our parents). In December 2004 I got pretty sick. My mom asked me to come home so I could be examined by our family doctor. Turns out, I had Mono. So I spent most of Christmas in bed.Anyway. December 23, 2004 Joey came to my parents house to exchange gifts. I'll be honest, I was expecting to be proposed too. I drove his car a few weeks earlier and found some pictures of rings. After all presents were exchanged there was no proposal. I was sad but a little to tired to care. He then told me he had one more gift {this is it!} and pulled out his guitar. I was a little taken aback. He started singing me a song that he wrote for me. The last 4 lines of the song were 
"I have a question now
What will the answer be?
Sarah, my love
Will you marry me?"
 He then got on 1 knee and handed me a rose. Inside that rose was my ring. I was speechless, and honestly trying not to throw up all over him. I of course said yes, jumped on him and ran to tell my parents (my sister's were snickering in the hallway). 

5 years ago today I married the man of my dreams. My Prince Charming. My everything.We've had our ups and our downs. I've been mean and called him names. I said things I regret. He never has. He's loved me through literally thick and thin. He's loved me in my darkest hour and my Mickey Mouse days. He's never hurt me, he's never been mean to me. He's always supported me and he's always loved me. He is an amazing father. He loves Lucy more than life itself. He will do anything for her. He loves the Gospel and the Church. He's strong. He's sexy. He's my everything. 
I love you a million billion gillion my bodacious cinnamon roll 


Mrs. Gambizzle said...

This was an awesome post! How sweet, it's amazing to find love like that, happy anniversary! :)

Whitney said...

This was so sweet. I'm older than my man too. I'm a little over 2.5 years older than him :)

Happy Anniversary!

____j said...

Awwww! I love this post. It's sweet!

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