Saturday, July 17, 2010

day 28

Day Twenty Eight
My year in great detail

July 2010
  • Celebrated 4th anniversary
  • Celebrated 4th of July
  • Went to the Farmer's Market
  • Died of heat
August 2009
  • Sailor Man started a new job with an insurance company, went to IL for a 2 week training
  • Went to Farmer's Market
  • Went to Lake Tahoe weekly
  • Decided I needed to lose weight
September 2009 
  • Went to a family friends wedding
  • Met some Facebook friends
  • Started working for Blockbuster, again
October 2009
  • Celebrated Halloween
  • Sailor man and I discussed the fact that he hates his job, started looking into the Navy
  • Sailor man started to exercise
  • Decided we were going with the Navy and needed to move in with my parents to pay off debts
  • Sailor Man went back to his old job at the Bank, hates insurance
November 2009 
  • Moved in with my parents
  • Started talking with recruiters
  • Payed down some debts
  • Celebrated Thanksgiving
  • Started Christmas Shoppping
  • Got some cool DVD players for the car on Black Friday
December 2009
  • Celebrated Christmas
  • Sailor Man is losing weight and serious about the Navy
  • Started planning my weight loss for the New Year
January 2010
  • Started losing weight
  • Payed off debts with tax return
  • Started getting real serious with the Navy, Sailor Man went to MEPS for the first time
  • Hating my job 
February 2010
  • Celebrated Valentines Day
  • Looked into Pre-schools for Lucy
  • Started planning Lucy's 3rd birthday party
  • Lost 10 pounds
  • Sailor Man went to MEPS again
March 2010 
  • Celebrated Lucy's 3rd birthday
  • Sailor Man went to MEPS again
  • Lost 10 pounds
  • Anxiety is creeping up
  • Lucy started Pre-school
April 2010
  • Became an official Navy Wife
  • Found out Sailor Man was leaving within 18 days of that fact
  • Felt like I was losing my mind
  • Quit my job to stay home with Lucy
May 2010
  • Celebrated my 25th birthday
  • Celebrated Sailor mans 24th birthday
  • Said good bye to Sailor man
  • Started the long lost art of letter writing to him every night
  • Anxiety was here
  • Lonliness set in
  • Blog was started
  • Countdown began
June 2010
  • Countdown continues
  • Letter writing continues
  • Weight loss starts again
  • Bought my ticket, reserved car and hotel room for graduation
  • It was cold for some days of this month
  • Pre-school ended for Lucy
  • Flew to Chicago and drove to Great Lakes
July 2010
  • Graduation
  • Spending time with my love for only 16 hours but totally worth the trip
  • Celebrated 5th anniversary
  • Celebrated 4th of July
  • Gone to Lake Tahoe
  • Waited (im)patiently for Orders
  • Started this stupid 30 day meme



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