Monday, July 26, 2010

OPSEC! OPSEC! OPSEC!! *edited*

Does everyone know what this means?

This is taken from the lovely, Household 6 diva  and her wonderful blog:

OPSEC or Operations Security is being aware of what you are sharing because it could give away more information than you intended - this is usually related to military or combat operations.

PERSEC or Personal Security is also being aware of what you are sharing because it could give away more information than you intended - this is usually of a more personal nature.
  • Don't talk about the time frame.
  • Don't talk about the mission.
  • Don't talk about equipment.
  • Don't talk about numbers.
  • Don't talk about destinations.
  • Don't spread rumors.
  • Don't share pictures with unit insignia
Phone, email, chat rooms, message boards, blogs.    
Always assume someone is listening.
I am aware that I haven't been through a deployment yet, however there are so many people out there; husbands, wives, daughters, sons, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, cousins, WHOEVER, that are serving our country to protect YOU. Why can't we extend the same courtesy to them? Why shouldn't we protect them?    
The reason I'm bringing this up is because Mrs. Gambizzle brought this blog to my attention: 
  • "Okay, okay. I -understand- its purpose. I even like its purpose, and respect its purpose. (HA) 
  • "So there's a big middle finger to OPSEC, I suppose. They can't silence me and expect me to let everything build up inside me just because they are a bunch of paranoids have set guidelines that they think every spouse should adhere to." 
They are going to kill someone and they think it's a joke! I can't even believe this post. I'm brand new to the military and I know you can't say crap like that. 
Good grief.    
  • Sometime this evening, Alpha Wife posted an apology for her above post


Carmen said...

UGH I was SO irritated! I blogged about her too. I can't stand it!

♥ Elizabeth said...

I blogged, I tweeted... my blood was BOILING! On her personal blog, she's even more ridiculous! She's 20... and needs to grow up REAL QUICK before someone ends up dead!

Jordan Streetman said...

I am SOOOOOO GLAD THAT YOU ADDRESSED THIS IN YOUR BLOG! I was about to leave a comment on her blog, but decided I would wait. I feel like all of these girls are very negative about the military and don't see what a blessing it can be.

Amanda said...

i honestly couldn't believe it when i first read it. i thought it was some joke! that chick is crazy.

Jordan Streetman said...

ok i lied, after i read this post i boiled up and then read the semper spouse post again and HAD to comment, so I did.

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