Wednesday, July 28, 2010


When you move to your duty stations do you:

  • Get a license in that state?
  • Register your car in that state?
  • Change the insurance to that state?
  • Change addresses on your checks?
  • basically I want to know if you change your residency every time you move?
why or why not?


♥ Elizabeth said...

NOT IN CALIFORNIA! The taxes are RIDICULOUS! You keep everything your permanent address, unless you move somewhere awesome like DE or SC :) Then you change it.

You do have to get automobile insurance for that state. You do need to update your tricare for that region.

Our checks have no address on them. We only write one a month, for rent, and she knows where to find us. If you have free checks, sure, change it, that way it's not an out-of-state check.

I would strongly urge you to attend COMPASS: once you get to San Diego. It is spouses who have been in for years and have been through deployments. It was the best thing I've ever done with my time!

Sailor's Wife said...

See.. I'm confused. If we change the address on our checks and insurance don't we have to get new licenses because otherwise they wont match up?

Mrs. Ma'am said...

You do not need to change your permanent address. I have been to two new duty stations, and I have and will never change my permanent address. The thing with that is you are in charge of the different taxes and laws that go with that state. As military, you are not forced to do any of that. So when you retire if you chose to go back to your home state, nothing more has to be changed. You do need to update your insurance coverage. Obviously, you will want to be covered in your current area. You will need to update your Tricare information, which your husband can do that. At least that is how it is in the Air Force. You definitely do need to change your address on your checks. If you do not write a lot of checks and do not go through them often, then just leave it blank and fill it in yourself. It will save you money and from wasting checks. However, if you do use a lot of checks, you will want your current address in case something were to happen to it.. they know where to find you.

You NEVER change your residency unless you have a desire to be committed to that state. For example, if you decided you wanted to retire in Texas, but are from Louisiana, then you can change your residency. Otherwise, do not do it. I heard down the road it can be a pain in the butt. I live in the UK and my car is still registered in the state of Louisiana. But now is also covered in the UK. You never have to give up your home state residency, EVER! I still have my original license from when I got married and my husband still has his first license ever.

I do not know if you or your husband has ever watched AFN, but they have a commerical that actually states that your home state should always be your residency and permanent address unless you plan to retire to another state. I have also heard that if you change your residency you are required to live in that state for so much to claim what they offer. For example, Alaska (I think) does not have taxes, you can not claim that state unless 1.) you own a house there or 2.) you are living there for a certain amount of time. So there are your basic rules for changing your residency.

And always keep your bank accounts up to date with your current address. Everything else does not matter because you are military.

I hope this makes sense and helps.

kmelanese said...

I am not military, obviously but I would not change your drivers license. Why take a drivers test if you don't have to huh? As far as registering your car goes, which ever state is cheapest it register it in is what I would do! I am pretty sure you have to change you insurance to that state. As far as banks, you need to have updated info on your checks.

Katy said...

Being from Nevada I would definitely keep your residency there - no state income tax, so you won't have to pay any. Even though you will live in a state with income tax.

Mom and Dad aren't going anywhere, so I would just use them as your permanent address and keep everything (except insurance - that's required by law) with Nevada.

Christina said...

They have passed a new bill so that Mil. Spouses do not have to update everything. You don't have to update your license or registration.. You can keep them in your home state.

Geico required us to change our address on our car insurance. No extra cost to us and we have insurance cards for the state of VA and TN.

I would suggest updating your check and bank account information. So that your billing address is the same as your shipping address. Some businesses won't accept out of town checks.. or out of state checks.

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