Saturday, July 3, 2010

While You're Away

The amazing Christina @ Married to a Sailor, is hosting a super cool giveaway with some pretty awesome prizes; including a blog design. Now she's the one who designed my blog so you can see she does FANTASTIC work.

This contest is entitled "While You're Away" and it's about music you listen to while your s/o is away on deployments, boot camp, training.. whatever.. while he's away. We're supposed to list 5 songs we listen to the most and why we chose these songs. 
These are not in any particular order, except for the first, that one is very important to me
1. "The Happiest Girl Alive" by Joey Sawyer. YUP, my husband. For Christmas 2 years ago my husband bought me an ipod with a note attached "play now". I played it and it was this song. He had spent nearly 3 weeks recording the bass and electric guitars, drums and vocals all on his own. He wrote me this song about 5 years ago but adjusted some of the lyrics to include our daughter. I've listened to it not nearly as often as I should, but when I do listen to it it leaves me completely loved and happy. 

2. "Don't Stop Believing" by Journey. This is my most favorite song. I like to listen to the live version and pretend the audience is cheering for me and Steve Perry is telling me he believes in me. That I am a strong woman who can handle the military!

3. "Imagine" by John Lennon, performed by Glee. This song gives me hope, plain and simple. 

4. "Love Story" by Taylor Swift. I think I like this song because of the Romeo & Juliet theme. I'm not saying mine and Joey's love is a forbidden one but it's one that will last forever, well into the eternities. 

5. "Everything I Do (I Do it for You)"by Bryan Adams. Because I know that everything Joey does i for the benefit of Lucy and I. There is nothing that could be said for a man who loves his family more than himself.


Christina said...

You should post your hubby's song! I'd love to hear it!

Don't Stop Believing - Journey: Gosh, Journey is to die for. They are one of my all time fav. bands. My fav is Open Arms. I pretty much have it memorized by heart.

Imagine - John Lennon: I have always loved this song. Such a positive song.

Love Story - Taylor Swift: Although this song is not on my playlist, I love this song. I think everyone wants that fairytale love.. only some will get it. I'm one of the lucky ones.

Everything I Do - by Bryan Adams: I grew up listening to this song regularly. This is one of my mom's al-time favs, and has become one of mine as well. I use to write lyrics to this song in letters to the Hubby while he was away at Bootcamp. This song is on my playlist as well.

Sailor's Wife said...

When I get a chance to talk to him I will ask him how I can put it up!

Carmen said...

That's so awesome! I love songs by Glee, I have their soundtracks. I can't really think of any songs off of the top of my head because a lot of songs make me think of him in different situations. =)

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