Friday, August 20, 2010

2 things...

1. Could you all please say a little prayer for me and my family? Sailor Man is leaving us very soon I'm not prepared.

2. What are things that need to get done before he leaves? I know we need a POA, but what are things that he can take with him? Stuff not allowed? Things I need to remember to get?

help me please!!


Jane Cat said...

white sheets (twin size) ship sheets are crap

at least 10 or more sets of socks, underwear, and under-shirts laundry isn't always easy to do

have him check the civilian clothing policy on his ship on mine it was collared shirts and you had to wear a belt but each ship is different

snacks/ raman noodles type stuff

extra PT gear sometimes when you are underway working out is all there is to do

most electronics are fine will have to get checked by ships election. (laptop, i-pod etc)

battery powered clock for his rack

I am sure I will think of more chat with me on FB or call me

♥ Elizabeth said...

It's hard just moving, but at the compass course I went to, one of the spouses had an acordian file box with manuals to all electornis, warranties because something will break, insurance stuff [life, auto, health]... I know you don't want to think about it, but while you're at legal, a will and emergency plans in case something were to happen to him, and then you too. That's morbid, but you have to think about it.

I will be keeping you in my thoughts and prayers!

lmc said...

The POA is so important- I've already used mine atleast 3 times!

Carmen said...

I will definitely say a prayer for you but I'm not really sure what you need to get done since I've never done anything as a wife before. Sorry!

Jane Cat said...

POA!!! make sure your name is on everything bank bills ect it just makes it easier in the long run. if you dont have a mil id yet get that too. make sure tricare is all set know where your PCM is and where lucys is also if you aren't being seen my military doc make sure you know where the closest mil hospital is just in case you need to go to the er way less of a pain to just go the military one then a civ one and deal with all the paper work after

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