Thursday, September 2, 2010


is really not that early except that I don't usually wake up until 7:30.. but waking up at 6am to talk to Sailor Man was totally worth it. I'm sure I sounded like a bumbling idiot but I don't care ♥

Yesterday was the first time since he left I've felt the separation. I was in a very weepy mood, for no reason other than I missed him like crazy. Nothing bad happened or anything I just missed him. I met up with Elizabeth {finally!} and we went to the Zoo. It was fun, at least for me :) I was glad to be out of the house and talking to someone other than my 3 year old. I'm hoping to set up a girls night soon... I need some adult interaction. 

Christina is holding a contest on her blog to win a copy of "Surviving Deployment: A guede for Military Families" by Karen M. Pavlicin. Check out her blog and check out the contest! 

One of the ways to earn an entry is to answer this question:

1. If you have been through deployment, What advice would you tell someone preparing to go through their first deployment?

2. If you have not been through a Deployment, How do you plan to stay busy and to deal with the dreaded big 'D'?
Since I'm going through our first deployment I'll answer the first one. 
  • My advice is to not panic. 
  • Try to remain calm and clearly think of all the questions you have for your deploying love one, his command, or yourself. 
  • Talk about money. Talk about how much they will need while deployed, set up and follow a budget!!
  • Get a "Power of Attorney" and maybe even a "Will". Talk to your legal department, they can help you.
  • Don't sweat the small stuff. 
  • Enjoy every minute you have together before they leave
  • Make a list of goals you want to accomplish for yourself while they're away {see my page, "Deployment to-do's"}
  • Make sure you are in contact with the Ombudsmen and FRG before they leave, and stay active with that group while they're gone
  • Don't just stay in the house all day everyday. Get out, get some fresh air
  • Write e-mails to your loved one everyday. Let them know about your day, let them know you miss them and love them but don't dwell on the sadness it's hard for them to be away as well. 
  • OPSEC. Learn it. Love it. Live it. 
  • It's ok to cry. Cry when you say "goodbye" and cry when you're at home. It's ok to cry.
  • Make friends with fellow wives and go have drinks, or go to a movie, or go shopping. 
  • Just breathe. The deployment will eventually end
I'm only a week in to my deployment, so take that list as you will, but let me tell you... it's good advice.   

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Katy said...

I totally read that book last December. It was a good one - super thorough.

One recommendation I read (not sure if was that book or not - I read many) was to write things down. Things you wish were different this time; things you would do the same, etc so that next time when the craziness starts and you can't remember your name, you can go back to your list.

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