Saturday, September 4, 2010

Military Food Drive... and a free tee

The FRG e-mailed me this last week to let me know about a local Military Food Drive. I decided we had better go, just to try it out. I figure we didn't have to take anything if it didn't look good... however, I was SUPER impressed. It was held by "Sons of Thunder" ((a "bikers for jesus" type group)) and it was held at a church. We had to sit through a sermon first, which honestly I felt very out of place at. The sermon itself was nice but the singing and the prayers were very different than what I used too and I felt awkward ((and NO I am not judging their religion, I am simply stating that it was something I wasn't used to and it felt strange to me)). Lucy got to go into a child care area where she got to play with a bunch of kids for about an hour and a half. It was good for her.

**proud mama moment: when I went to pick her up, the teacher pulled me aside and told me how wonderful my daughter was. How behaved she was and what a little ray of sunshine she was... I beamed with pride!**

Anyway, here's the loot:

All of this food is donated (by Trader Joes!) to the church and they pass it along to Military Families for FREE! I'm telling you we got some amazing things. Cajun Salmon, ice cream, 3 loaves of bread, a HUGE bag of salad, cheese, and eggs to name a few things. I was very impressed with the generosity of this group.

Now, onto that free Tee.. it's not from me, but go check out CRushGFX on facebook. Once she reaches 350 "likes" she's giving away a free tee! She does amazing things (she designed my blog), and she's so nice. So go check it out and maybe you can win a free tee!


Anonymous said...

Wow, that's a great organization! I'm glad you got all that food!

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