Friday, September 3, 2010

We did it

Lucy and I survived the first week of the deployment. I'm spending this weekend thinking of things to keep us occupied everyday, we're going stir crazy and she needs things to do. I'm still hoping she will get in to the Tiny Tots program here in the housing, it's a preschool that would keep her occupied for 6 hours a week (2 days a week). I'm also hoping to start her in gymnastics and possibly dance class. We have a playgroup that meets every Wednesday from church that we'll get involved with.  

If she can't get into the Tiny Tot's class I will have to do preschool from home ((the average preschool in San Diego is between $300-$500.. not really in our price range right now)) so I'm researching idea's for that.

If you have any idea's to help me, they would be MUCH appreciated.

And just so you all know, the thing that happened yesterday was nothing serious. In fact it was a pretty lame thing for me to get so upset about. I was trying to e-mail my Sailor Man and I kept getting a "failure to send" notice. I started to panic that I had the wrong e-mail or something was wrong.. when I learned that there are a number of reason e-mail wouldn't be working at that moment. PLUS I was able to send one last night and I got one back.. so I freaked for nothing :)


Amanda said...

stay strong girl!!
and im sure i would have freaked out too!!

Heather said...

if Lucy doesn't get into preschool let me know, I teach elementary but could probably find some good preschool curriculum. Also, a new Navy Wife friend of mine has worked at preschools so I will talk to her about it as well!

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