Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I'm mad at myself

I did so well all day long. I ended up being 89 calories over my limit and about 8 fat grams over... I had an apple (low cal and low fat) as a night snack... and then, and it's happened before, I sort of blank off and I don't realize I'm eating as much as I am. I started with a piece of bread and when I "came back" I had eaten about 6 pieces at 110 calories each.

As soon as I realize what's happening I get so mad at myself. I hate myself and then I give up on my diet for the thousandth time. I am feeling that tonight and right this very minute I feel like crap.

How do you distract yourself? What do you do for your nightly cravings?


kmelanese said...

Nightly snacking is the hardest!! I always snack and end up eating more than I expected. In the past month I do not allow myself to eat past 9:00. If I feel hungry past then I am only allowed to get a drink. Brushiing your teeth when you are hungry helps me too. I never want to eat with that toothpaste taste in my mouth. Good luck!! Don't give up!!!

Cheyla Marie said...

I also try not to eat past 9pm and If im feeling that urge I chug a bunch of water and then brush my teeth. That usually helps. Good luck!

Heather said...

Everyone has setbacks sometimes so don't be too hard on yourself and don't give up! Water is a great idea since most of the time you're not really hungry just thirsty. Just try to find something that works for you. The important thing is that you are trying!

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