Thursday, October 28, 2010

Thursday Five

Have you done your Thursday Five? There is still plenty of time, so head over to Life as a Sailor's Girl and link it up!






1. I am Giggly because in 24 hours my family will be here and in 120 hours we're going to Disneyland!

2. I love my evening time with Lucy. She gets very Snuggly and it makes me feel like my life has a purpose.

3. I am Thankful for my Sailor Man. For all he does for his family and the sacrifice he is making to do it for his family.

4. I am way Excited to go home for Thanksgiving. It is a much needed break!!

5. It makes my heart fill with GLEE! when I watch Lucy finish her puzzles by herself, or when she figures out a Blue's Clues or a Dora episode.


Beka said...

Yay for family visiting! and Disneyland! Have fun!! <3

Mr. Superman & Mrs. S. said...

Awe have fun!!!

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