Monday, December 13, 2010


Because we had 2 winners that never claimed their prizes, we have to redraw for 2 prizes!

First is ChristmasTime Bracelet - Becklins Creations

I had to remove 6 of the names, as you ladies won something else in the giveaway. So the entries are:

Mrs. Superman (3 entries, #'s 1-3)
Amanda (1 entry, #4)

the winner is...

Mrs. Superman! Please contact Becca ASAP at to claim your prize. Congratulations!

The next prize is $10 to Momma's Heart

I had to remove 3 names as they won other prizes

Angela (1 entry, #1)
Amanda (1 entry, #2)

The winner is Amanda! Please contact Summer ASAP at to contact your prize! Congratulations.


Amanda said...

is the Amanda me?? please tell me it is so! :D haha!

Sailor's Wife said...

Yes ma'am it is you!

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