Sunday, December 19, 2010


Sailor Man and I had decided that Goose and I would not go to the docks to watch the ship pull in. It was cloudy, a chance of rain, and we would have waited around 4 hours for him to actually get off the ship as he had the first watch. Lucy would not have understood why were waiting for so long and why daddy wasn't getting off his ship.

Goose and I spent the morning at home, I was busy cleaning and trying to make time go faster. I finally got the call that he was able to leave. I yanked Lucy out of the bathtub and sped to the base. I am so glad we decided not to go earlier, we were able to park right up front, walk right through the gate and into his arms.

I spotted him before Goose did and had her wait with me so I could get the camera ready. I was like "OK go" and she stood there posing, laughing, telling me she was so excited to see daddy. I realized she hadn't spotted him yet! So I said "turn around" and she ran to him. I got it on camera but I'm afraid it might be muffled by a charming young lady spewing curse words a few feet from us.

 He was able to show us around the USS Dubuque

showing us his store
this is where he slept... good thing he's not claustrophobic!
 We waited until he got home to do the tree with him
We have a tradition of getting a new ornament every year, Lucy was opening hers.. Jack and Sally from "Nightmare before Christmas"

Best Christmas present E V E R


Jenny and James said...

Yeah! I think it's pretty cool that you got to go on the ship. And I really would love to know where you got Lucy that ornament!

Cat said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE this! Congrats on your awesome present!

*~BrittDill~* said...

Love this so glad you have your hubby home for Christmas!!

Holly said...

WOOHOO!!!! So glad he was able to come home in time for Christmas! Watching Lucy run to her daddy brought tears to my eyes! You're such a strong woman for supporting Joey while he serves our country!!!

____j said...

I'm so happy for you! That little video clip brought a tear to my eye! SO Sweet!

Allie said...

Yay! So cool that he is home! That clip got me teary (:

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