Thursday, January 20, 2011

a mix of everything...

Please post a link, or your button, to your blog here - I need some new people to blog stalk ones!!
Also, I am having a really hard time getting started this time around. I can't stop snacking. People will say "put the fork down and step away", and I will tell you that it is not that easy. You think I like being 260 pounds? You think I like feeling like a whale? No, no I do not enjoy that. I became this way because I am an emotional eater, and I have been dealing with severe depression for the last 7 years. While I finally have a grasp on my depression, it's harder to get a grip on my eating. Habits are extremely hard to change, and eating habits are one of the hardest to change. 

I eat when I'm happy, sad, bored, tired, excited, depressed and when I'm hungry. I wish I was like my daughter and only ate until I was almost full. But I don't. I eat and eat and eat. Sometimes I don't even realize I'm still eating, which is a big problem.  

So I'm still trying to get started and I am trying, but maybe not hard enough?
My brother-in-law is getting married August 20th. I want to be at 200 pounds for the wedding, can I lose 60 pounds in 7.5 months? We shall see. 

And since I haven't done it in a while... and you should do it too!


1. I am  Blessed with an amazing family. Goose and Sailor Man make me whole

2. It makes me feel Incredible when people compliment anything about me. Goose told me yesterday that I looked pretty.

3. I love to have a clean house and then sit and do nothing. It makes me feel Productive and lazy all at the same time. 

4. I am Elated by the possibility of taking Lucy to Disneyland for her birthday!!

5. I am Happy we decided to get rid of our cable. I'm a little sad about having to say goodbye to the "Food Network" but, I'm generally happy about the decision. 


Nicole said...

I love your list!

AngieDMac said...

Found ya through the Thursday 5 link up. So! Hello! I'm a newbie that you can blog stalk. ;) And love the list!

And you can lose the weight. You just have to push yourself! I believe in you! :D

the princess said...

I am enjoying your blog! Here is mine if you want to follow it :)

Ginny said...

your blog is fun!!

follow me!

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