Friday, February 18, 2011

Do you love it?

Cause I LOVE it. Thank you so much to the AH-MAZING Christina from Journey of a Navy Wife. She runs "CrushGFX" and just did my awesomely amazing new layout! I am so happy with it, I'm almost giddy! It's sassy, sexy and unique - just like me :) So if you are in the market for a new layout, go check her out, cause she's pretty amazing (obviously!).

As you can see, on the top of the page, there are links - Navy, Army, Marine, Air Force, and Other Blogs, these are links to the pages that I had on my blog before. I always love to add to them so check them frequently, and check out the blogs I have up there, they are awesome ladies!

ALSO! ---------------------------> over here on the right side, you notice a button entitled "Recipe Swap Tuesday"? I am starting a BRAND NEW blog hop on Tuesdays, starting this week! So look for it and be ready to link it up!

And, if you haven't already - head on over to my Scentsy Page and check me out! After I reach 100 fans I will be doing a giveaway, AND the person with the most referrals to my page gets a full size warmer of their choice, for free!!


iRgruntwife said...

Oh It's so pretty! Very nice work!

kmelanese said...

I LOVE it!!! It is so cute!!! OKay, maybe I'm stupid but what does the Lima Oscar Victor Echo mean?

Sailor's Wife said...

:) If you look at what is capitalized you will see that it spells out L O V E. It's the phonetic alphabet.

Jenny and James said...

I do love it! It's very cute ;)

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