Saturday, February 12, 2011

Guest Blogger - What makes a house a home?

The wonderful Brittany from My Life as a Sailor's Princess, graciously accepted my invitation to be my very first guest blogger. If you don't read her already, you really should. She's an amazing lady and a great friend!

Is a house really a home when your loved one is gone? The answer? Yes. Of course we feel the absence every day but no matter how many times I feel like this will never be "home" without my husband here, at the end of an evening out I still say, "I'm going home".

I never thought 6 months ago that I would be saying that. I have grown so much during this deployment that I say or do something that surprises me every single day. I was a weak shell of the woman I am today when my husband first deployed. During the first 2 months I thought I was going to miss him and cry myself to sleep every night until he comes home. No matter how many times people told me "It will get easier", I never believed it would.

The truth be told, it DID get easier. Once I got a routine going the days seemed to fly by. I kept busy. If not by working or writing, by hanging out with my friends or even myself. Don't get me wrong, there have still been days where I break down and the time seems to slide by at a snails rate but it's nowhere near as bad as it once was.

Now, my husbands homecoming is right around the corner and I'm freaking out! I feel like I have SO MUCH to do and not enough time in the day to do it. Let's just say, I am booked full until homecoming day. Yeah, I fully intend to make the rest of these days fly and I just know everything will fall right into place <3


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