Sunday, February 27, 2011

Guest Post - Friendship

Hello lovelies! Here is this weeks guest post from my blogger, and real life, BFF Elizabeth, AKA The Young Retiree! She is wonderful and if you don't read her you should definitely check her out!

Hello! I am thrilled to be guest blogging for one of my dearest friends today!

When you were young, friendship seemed to come so easily. You were in the morning kindergarten class, and so you were friends with most of the children there with you. Your parents set up play dates and you became friends with the children of the people your parents were friends with. Sure, at some point you changed friends... for me it was the 3rd grade when my best friend Chris saw my bra strap, realized I was "a girl" and no longer spoke to me. We almost never spoke again, even though we went to school through 8th grade together.

When I discovered I would be moving to California with the United States Navy and my husband, I was all kinds of freaked out! I'm not in kindergarten anymore! How am I just going to get lumped with people and make new friends?

Sure, college was kind of scary, and kind of new, but not really. I went to a local University where I had a few friends already going. I went to the campus ministry house and there were instant friends there. There were study groups for lecture halls filled with too many students to count. There were small philosophy courses where you got to know people with similar dreams and goals as you.

I met some amazing people, and was getting ready to leave them- to travel to the other side of the country from them! I would have to take up a hobby like whittling soap or knitting scarves for my dogs! Sure, you could say I'm in kindergarten in that there are about 2,000 other women who have husbands on the same Carrier my husband is on... but unlike kindergarten, I get along with very few of them. Some of the wives can be too catty for my taste. You learn that just because we have one thing in common doesn't mean we need to do lunch.

Enter: Sarah. On the surface what unites us is our husbands being in the Navy... and blogging :D:D (Us, not our husbands.) I was so excited when I learned she was moving to California and I might have found a keeper! Grown up friend finding is like dating! You meet for coffee, maybe have great conversation... maybe have the most awkward 20 minutes of your life! When I met Sarah in real life for the first time it was like we were separated at birth!

What I love about the military is you find people from all walks of life. Some you clash with and others you form bonds that will last your lifetime. I know, there will come a day when she moves away from me (even though I moved an hour away first!) and I will have to find another great friend. It's a small Navy though, and perhaps our husbands will get stationed near each other once or twice more! If not, maybe I can put our guest bedroom to some good use!

Blogging has done this for me, and so I ask you this: be kind to your fellow spouses! You never know who is going to end up being your best friend! She has certainly made my time alone out here more enjoyable! When you grow up, and become a military spouse, friends are the glue that hold you together while your husband is deployed. Millies understand what you're going through when your civilian friends back home don't.

I'm so honored to be friends with her,and double honored to steal her blog for the day! Happy Sunday to you all! Feel free to bounce on over to my blog and check out some reflections on this weeks Post Secrets!


Bonnie said...

Finding friends as a grown up is a lot like dating!

Cat said...

I've definitely equated it to dating before! And something I've learned from 2 moves is that it can take 6 months to a year in one place before those solid friendships happen. There's definitely a snowball effect too (in a good way).

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