Monday, February 21, 2011

Launch Party

My launch party is online! Can you help me make my goal of $400 in sales?! Click on my website, on the left hand side you will see "my open parties", just click on "Sarah's Launch Party", and go shopping! As an FYI if you spend $150 you get FREE shipping, and if you do spend that much I will throw in a bar of February's Scent of the Month (Shades of Green) for free! Thank you and happy shopping!
Be sure you check the blog tomorrow for my very first blog hop! I'm also looking for some guest bloggers, if you're interested shoot me an e-mail :)
And... I'm still giddy about my new layout :)


SAHM and Marine Wife said...

How fun! Good luck. I have a giveaway going on just for military spouses!

Carmen said...

Yay for your launch party!

Beckie said...

Yay for the launch party! I don't think I'll be buying anything before I move but as soon as I do I plan on spending lots of money on y bloggy consultant friends' stuff haha.

And I really love the new layout too!

Holly Sandusky said...

Hey! I'm out and about Blog Hopping and found your blog. I love it! Follow mine?

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