Thursday, February 17, 2011

Ooooh the 90's (long nostalgic post..)

I love 80's music. Like a lot. I wish all the time I could have been a teenager/young 20's in the 80's to go to their awesomely amazing concerts! That being said - I LOVE that I was a kid/tween/young teen in the 90's. I was feeling super nostalgic last night and I was listening to all my old boy band songs, looking at old TV shows, and thinking about how great it was to be young in the 90's. It also made me think. I don't know how my mom put up with my obsession with the boy bands. I am NOT looking forward to the day Goose is old enough to enjoy them. Oh boy.

I posted this video on facebook last night which started a string of fun conversations, listening to "old" music, me dancing in my living room, and actually getting a little teary realizing how long ago this was. I've said it before, now that I'm 25 (almost 26) I feel a lot older. Time keeps slipping away from me a little more every day. Music first..:

(they were on of the first CD's I got as a gift..)

(I didn't know alot of the words but I always "sang" along, and it never fails to get me up and dancing)

And finally my ultimate collection of tween 1990's heartthrob boy bands..

(My first CD purchase. I was literally obsessed with Hanson. I was going to marry little Zach.. *swoon*)

I will admit freely, that I have a good majority of those bands on my iTunes. I'm not embarrassed. They get my heart racing and make excellent work out songs :)

TV - I'm sure there are about 1000 other shows that I don't have on here.. cause there were thousands of excellent shows in the 90's!

And now to celebrity crushes.. *swoon*

and finally! Some of my favorite 90's movies.

Now tell me, dear blog visitors, what are some of YOUR favorite's from the 90's?

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Jeanna said...

Taylor from Hansen and Justin from N*sync were my main men! haha seriously was OBSESSED! awwww good times :) Thanks for posting this!!

Erin said...

Ooh, yay! I want to comment at length later, because I love so many of the things I've seen here!

KT said...

Remember the year I got you JTT's autograph for Christmas?

I am an awesome sister.

Who is the picture below Leo DiCaprio?

And, I don't even recognize some of those songs. Apparently the music I enjoyed in the 90's was not the same as you (little black backpack anyone?)

Sailor's Wife said...

My room was littered with posters and pictures of these guys lol.

Yes Katie I remember. I still have it at mom and dad's in my blue box. It's one of my favorite tings ever :)
And it's Zac Hanson, as an older boy.

Kate said...

I was a young like 5-10 when all of this was popular...I miss it so much!

Mary Nicole said...

I love this post :) I was jamming out to Spice girls and all the other 90 bands :) Along with watching one of favorite shows - Boy meets world! And I totally had Leo posters on my wall's from Romeo and Juliet :)

this made my day ;)

Allie said...

My childhood in a blog post (: I love it!! I totally have been watching Rugrats on Netflix.

kmelanese said...

Totally awesome post!!! I loved all those!! The only other picture I had on my wall was Prince William. I had a JTT calender! I can't believe you have his autograph!!

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