Sunday, March 20, 2011

Guest Blogger - Tea Party

The wonderfully amazing, and good friend of mine, Photina from "One Guy in a house of Girls" is my guest blogger this week! If you don't follow her - you totally should!! 

Hello Bloggy Friends! Sailor's Wife asked me to guest post for her today and I am happy to be here. :-) I have been trying to think of something to write  about that won't lose her readers. :-) And true to form at the {almost}  last minute I came up with a topic. My Favorite Things: Tea Party  Edition.

For those who don't know me, I have three little girls. Lillie {5}, Ivy {3}, and Holli {20 months}. At Christmas we were able to spend time at my parents house with my my parents, sister, and grandparents. My grandmother brought along her tea serve set and had a tea party with Lillie and Ivy. Then my grandmother asked me if I'd like to bring the tea serve set home. The girls answered for her and excitedly said yes. Ever since they have been asking to have a tea party with their friends. So yesterday I hosted a Princess Tea Party at our house. I invited some of my friends. Lillie has been working hard and asked if she could invite some of her friends from school. I agreed and gave her invites to hand out to four of her friends. She flew off the bus that day after school so excited because she had handed them out.
I love to throw parties and get togethers. I always worry that the people who come won't have fun, will be bored, or not like the activities. Yesterday though, I shouldn't have worried so much. I was told later in the afternoon by other parents how much their girls enjoyed the party. All the girls came dressed in their Princess Best. We had heart shaped sandwiches, fruit, vegetables, mini muffins, and pink cookies with some "tea" {that was actually fruit punch}. And what would a Princess party be without crowns. I handed out the crowns to the girls just before lunch and they stuck their stickers on them and promptly put them on.

I always seem to have a party themed craft at the kids' parties. The girls decorated wands, bracelets, and their own take home boxes. But the absolute hit of the party had nothing to do with the Princess theme at all. Between lunch and crafts and before all the parents picked up the girls the hit of the party was something simple; chickens. We have 7 chickens. The girls thoroughly loved chasing, holding, and petting the chickens. Who knew that something simple as chickens would be the biggest hit of the day.

In the end, the Princess Tea Party was a blast. The girls enjoyed themselves. We had a great time at tea time, ran around the backyard with the chickens, made some crafts, and had fun while doing it. That is one of my favorite things: being able to watch the girls have fun with their friends.


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