Monday, March 7, 2011

Guest Post - Transistions

The wonderfully amazing Carmen from, We See the Same Stars, agreed to do my guest post this week! I am late posting this because I was so busy yesterday I just didn't have time. BUT Monday is just as good as Sunday :)

Being a military wife, you are used to major transitions and having to change plans at the drop of a hat, however, there is one thing that is for sure. EAS.

In case you aren't acronym saavy, EAS stands for "end of active service" which pretty much means the end of an enlistment. If you don't re-enlist, your EAS date is 4 (or sometimes 5) years from the day you left for basic - usually. Now, my husband has a lot of days of leave that he never used so he is using those extra days to get out earlier than his original EAS date.

So why am I posting something about EAS? Because even though I'm excited about the fact taht my husband will no longer be deployed, or have to go on duty... I'm still nervous. EAS is a big transition, not just for him but for me as well. I worry about how he is going to adapt to being a civilian or about how different things will be now that the military is out of the picture. I've been with my husband (not married) for over 6 years and almost 5 of those years we spent dating long distance because of the military. I never regretted him joining but once you become accustomed to something doing something different is very strange. I guess my point is that I'm somewhat afraid of the adjustments we will be making as individuals and as a couple. It also worries me about my husband who is so used to the military lifestyle, how will he cope with the civilian world because let's face it... those two worlds are completely different (as most of you surely know). I'm sure the transition will be smooth for the most part and we will have our family to support us so hopefully because I have a good job and a potential place to live, maybe we are starting off on the right foot?


Erin said...

Good luck, Carmen. I blog a lot about transitioning (it's called ETSing the Army) and it's been ANYTHING but easy for us. My husband is still out of work and it's been rough. I hope it's smoother for you!

Mr. Superman & Mrs. S. said...

Oh dollface I adore you. You and Mike are going to be more than okay and have so many fun adventures!

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