Friday, March 4, 2011

I confess


I confess that I might be spending a little too much money on Scentsy product

I confess that my feelings were a little hurt that only 1 person participated in my new blog hop :(

I confess that I was the one who ate the rest of the Oero's :x

I confess that I miss Sailor Man

I confess that I am upset I bought the Ipad just before Ipad 2 came out... for the same price!!

I confess that I'm scared about doing my first Scentsy home show tomorrow


Erin said...

Only one person has done mine either, so I know how it goes! I have the original iPad too - the 3rd one is going to be better! We'll upgrade then! :) As for the home pary, don't stress, Scentsy sells itself. Just talk perks, provide coffee beans, and give people a chance to sniff! Good luck!

Sara Richins said...

I can't wait to get an iPad. Hello tax return!
And that so happened to me with the iPhone. I got the first one a few weeks before the announced the 3G. Lame!

PJ and Annie said...

IT WAS YOU! mom blamed ME! thanks a lot!

Pamela said...

Someone mentioned posting the category for Recipe Swap Tuesday a little ahead of time. I'm sorry I didn't get a chance to share an appetizer recipe but I'll try to be better prepared for next Tuesday.

Cat said...

Agreed about knowing the category ahead of time. I will gladly link up if I have a recipe post for it! I somehow missed your first one though. Don't give it up, it's a great idea.

♥ Elizabeth said...

First: WHERE WAS I? I was really psyched for the recipes hop! I completely missed it with not feeling well.

Second: YOU WILL DO GREAT for your Scentsy party! Just enjoy and know you'll make mistakes, but it's yourfirst time, and you'll get better :D

Jenny and James said...

You'll have to explain the blog hop to me and once this class is over I am so there! I'm glad I'm not the only one that splurged on Oreos too. You will do great at your party tomorrow!

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