Friday, March 18, 2011

I confess


I confess that while I had 3 people post this week... it was still only 3! There are 184 people who decided to follow my blog, and almost 400 people on my facebook page...? I gave you notice.. should I post it like "next week will be.." would that be better?

I confess that "end of the world" has been on my mind a lot. Today I'm going to buy some water and extra flashlights - just in case

I confess that I make an awesome lasagna

I confess that I am ready for Goose to be in school full time

I confess that I hope I don't fail at my scentsy :(

I confess that I hate that we had to register our car and get Cali drivers licenses

I confess that I am tired.

PS. Please check out this blog post about an auction to benefit Japan


Kat said...

You'll do great with your Scentsy! I have yet to try anything or been to a Scentsy party - but I hear amazing things all the time!!

Sara Mac said...

I can't wait for my hubby to be in school too. . .no deployments, just school and home to my arms!

Ashley said...

With all the craziness going on lately, its hard not to buy into this end of the world jazz. Just try and keep faith!
We just did taxes this week, and I realized that we are all over the place with choosing our home-state or cali for certain things... Oh how confusing the military life can be!

shortmama said...

Im tired too!!

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