Monday, March 7, 2011

My baby is 4

4 years ago I was standing in my moms kitchen making Spaghetti O's, when I felt a release of pressure. I thought I had just peed my pants so I waddled into the bathroom to check... and it was not pee, it was in fact my water breaking! I got to the hospital and got all checked out, my water had broken but I was only a finger tip dilated (just in case you don't know, you need to be 10cm to push a baby out, I was less than 1). Sailor Man came rushing over from the bank, and we were first introduced to the phrase "hurry up and wait".

27 hours, 2 cervix softeners, 1 round of pitocen, 1 epidural, 30 walks around the hospital, and a c-section later my goose was born at 4:07 pm, March 8, 2007. She was the most beautiful baby ever born. She took my breath away, and I love her more and more every single day.


McDancer said...

Happy Birthday to your little one, she is adorable!

Kate said...

Happy Birthday to her!

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