Friday, April 8, 2011

Money Saving Tips

From my sister :)

1) We have a monthly money tracker, we write down where EVERY penny goes, at the end of the month we sit down and try to come up with ways we can spend less.

2) We have an automatic deposit of $30 of every pay check deposited directly into a savings account in a seperate bank. (we'd like to make this more as more money comes in)

3) I wash EVERYTHING  in cold water, with regular detergent not the "special cold water detergent". I feel our clothes are just as clean and fresh.

4) The library, we use it (or mom..haha)

5) As fun as new "toys" are we don't buy them, we're surviving nicely without ipods, touchs, pads, mac books..anything like that.

6) We almost NEVER eat out. It's a rare treat.

7) We don't have cable, we use netflix

8) we RARELY go to the movies, we wait for netflix (there are some movies we will see like Harry!)

9) I wait for clothing sales..then I try and stock up. Sometimes that just not possible, but if I can I wait until the deals come around

10) We don't have internet on phones..just the desktop and lap top.

11) We shop generic as much as possible. Somethings we do brand name but mostly generic, and there are some generic things I like better then brand name


Katy said...

Other than mayo, I totally agree with you on generic.

My phone and internet is done through verizon. They are constantly calling me and telling me how much money I would save if I added Cable to the bundle. I've tried to point out that increasing my bill by $30 a month is not actually saving any money, but they continue to call...

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