Saturday, April 16, 2011

Update on Jessica

{mis}Adventures of an Army Wife

Earlier this week I posted a blog about Jessica and her "final goodbye", and since then I have checked back and read each of the 224 comments that have been left on that post. Her parents have updated a few times on Jessica's condition.. this was from the 14th


Sue got to sit with Jessica for 1.5 hours tonight and we are hopeful. We realize that it will take time for her to get over this but we know that with the love of God, and your show of support and love these past days, Jessica will get through this.

We will keep you posted as to her progress and maybe she can put a few words here herself in the next couple of week.

Thank you all for your incredible compassion and love. The Parents - Tom in NM and Sue in SC

If you are interested in sending her a card, and I encourage you to send her a card:

P.O. Box 292138
Columbia, SC 29229

They ask that you don't send money or gifts, just cards. I am sure it would brighten up her day to know that so many out there care about her. This is an update from Jessica, posted today:

To all,

I (Jessica's Mom - Sue) was able to spend an hour today with Jessica and she sends the following message:

"Hi Everyone.  I wanted to let you know I am doing okay - at least physically.  I'm still in the hospital, and I am receiving the treatment  I need.  I have been able to read most of the comments on my last post because my Mom printed them out and brought them to me.  Otherwise, I do not have access to any technology to include Internet access.  I never thought I'd be able to go over a week without being able to make calls or to check my email but it's actually kind of liberating.  :)

I wanted to thank you all for your support.  You'll never know how much your concern and comments have meant to me.  Love you all!

I'll try to send updates as I can."

I am touched by the outpouring of love that I have seen in the bloggy world. It touches my heart to know that so many people care, even those who don't know Jessica personally. I'm sure she's gained some new followers on her blog and I'm sure they are more than welcome {if you haven't read her yet... click the button above to see her blog}.


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