Monday, May 2, 2011

Adventures in the City: Hollywood (part 2)

Hollywood Boulevard
The Walk of Fame
One of the things I most wanted to see in Hollywood was the Walk of Fame and the Chinese Theater. There's a little school girl suppressed inside of me that was down right giddy at the thought of seeing the stars and handprints. As we walked around Hollywood Blvd., I realized how easy it must be to get a star on the walk. There were a couple of real head scratchers in there..

Uh.. yeah. It puzzled me all day, so I decided to look up what it takes to get a Star on the Walk of Fame. Here's what I found out:

  • Build a notable career in film, television, music, live theater, or radio.
  • Get your studio or record company to sponsor you. Sponsorship from an established entertainment company may enhance your chances.
  • Get your sponsor to fill out an application. Download it from the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce website or request a copy by mail.
  • Provide a brief history of your career. Highlight your most prestigious accolades.
  • Include a photograph of yourself. Use a shot from your most memorable and acclaimed role.
  • Set a date to appear at the induction. If your application is approved, you MUST appear.
They also have these tips:

  • You can enhance your chances by contributing your time and money to charities and fundraisers.
  • Applications are due by May 31.
  • The Committee does not accept signature petitions.
  • If you die, your sponsor must wait five years before submitting your application.
  • In case of a fan nomination, celebrity management must send a letter of agreement.
  • It costs $15,000 to install and maintain your star.

So when you read those "instructions" it seems a little self promoting doesn't it? I mean it seems a little self centered to do all that, but there are around 2,400 stars on the walk of fame... so I guess Hollywood really is so vain. 

I did enjoy seeing these stars though, like I wanted to bend over and hug them, but I didn't want to be that weirdo. 

 There are also a TON of characters that walk up and down the blvd., they will pose for a picture with you, IF you tip them. I don't know how much money they actually make each day, but I don't imagine them making a good amount of money. I am a cheap-o and I wasn't about to pay to take a picture with anyone so I had to be sneaky, so I didn't get to many pictures but they had Barbie, Rapunzel, Darth Vader, Diego, Ghost Face, Chucky, Michael Myers, Mario, a few Johnny Depp's, a couple Cat Women (1 of which we really think was a tranny), Woody & Buzz and then some random people. 

 tomorrow...Grauman's Chinese Theater


Sarah said...

Go here: It's my favorite place in the area. I grew up around LA. :) You can eat some real yummy food there.

Anonymous said...

Ahhh, I just blogged about Grauman's :D Next, our "celebrity" sightings! I have so many pictures, I have like 20 more posts in my head!

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