Sunday, May 8, 2011

are you my mother?

Photo borrowed from Amazon

I adore this book and the message behind it. A mother is waiting for her baby to be born, and decided to get him something to eat. While she's away the baby hatches and sets off to find his mama. He passes many different animals always asking "Are you my mother"? This is one of Goose's favorite books to have read to her at bedtime. She knows the book pretty much by heart, and at the end of the book, every time, she looks at me and with a smile says "You are my mother". 

I love being a mom, sure sometimes Goose drives me absolutely INSANE and bedtime sometimes can't come fast enough, but the rewards far out weigh the struggles. I got a beautiful flower necklace she made in school, she beamed as she handed it to me. She made me a mother, but her love made me a mommy


♥ Elizabeth said...

There should be a love option to click! Happy Mother's Day.

Dr. Army Wife said...

Haha my mom always tells me that I used to "read" this book out loud when I was little. I couldn't quite pronounce things right and apparently I sounded like Barbara Walters. "Are you my mutha???"

Whitney said...

i loved this book and all dr seuss books when i was little.

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