Sunday, May 1, 2011

Getting to know you: Royal Edition

I've actually never done this before, but lovely Navy Doll posted it and I thought it would be kind of fun! So if you're interested head on over to mannland5 and link it up!

1. did you watch the royal wedding?
I sure did. I wasn't planning on staying awake, but I actually was a little giddy about it. I am really happy for them and their country, I think it's super great, but I am a little tired of hearing about them ALL the time. I did enjoy their wedding though. She looked beautiful, and truthfully, what girl hasn't ever dreamed of marrying a prince?
2. tea and crumpets or coffee and a scone?
I don't really drink either. I drink herbal tea... and I love scones!!
3 who's cuter..prince william or prince harry?
Hm.. I'm going to have to go with Harry. I had a crush on William growing up, but Harry is a little bit of a stud.
4. can you speak in a english accent?
I can! I don't know how good it is, but I know I can do it!
5. do you own a fancy hat?
No ma'am. I don't think I can pull off fancy hats
6. would you rather live in a castle or an english cottage?
Cottage. There is a sense of romance in them.
7. how old were you when prince charles and princess diana got married?  were you even born?
Not even born yet
8. have you found your prince? 
Yes ma'am. I found him in high school and married him almost 6 years ago. 


Samantha said...

I love this linky! I'm really glad she brought it back. Aww...high school sweeties. Love it. And I totally agree with the cottage. :)

Pamela said...

This was fun, thanks for sharing!

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