Friday, May 6, 2011

I confess


I confess that I was really unhappy by some of my friend's reactions to Osama Bin Laden's death

I confess that it made me realize that maybe I don't know some of them as well as I thought I did

I confess that the phrase (ala The Young Retiree) "You think you know somebody..." has been playing in my head non stop this week

I confess that I love the idea of a whole day being dedication to "the silent ranks" AKA Military Spouses

I confess that sometimes it's more than nice to talk to someone who is going through exactly what you're going through, and you not be judged for your words

I confess that I love being a Navy Wife more than anything.... (well I don't love it more than I love Goose or Sailor Man, but you know what I mean!)

I confess that I went to a Culinary School and a Beauty School to check out my options

I confess that they both scare me to death

I confess that talking to Sailor Man about the future is hard -- he doesn't talk much about it, he throws out idea's and then sort of stops talking, leaving me with a million questions that he doesn't know the answer to because he was just "thinking about it"

I confess that I am excited about the 2 possible futures we have

I want to wish each and every Military Spouse out there a very Happy Appreciation Day. Many people would say that we have the hardest job in the military, I would never undermine what my husband or your husband does, but we really do have a hard job. Last minute deployments, saying goodbye for months at a time, maybe getting a phone call, maybe getting an e-mail, not knowing how he's (or she) is really doing, not understanding the affects of what he's seen, and not being understood for what we went through while they're gone.

I never thought I would be a military spouse, ever. In fact I fought against it for a couple of years before Sailor Man enlisted. The strength and power I've received from being a spouse is amazing. The support I have from my bloggy sisters is amazing. Right now, I can't even imagine life with out it and I don't think Sailor Man can either. There is something special about our men and women in uniform and I am darn proud to be among those who support them the most.


Allie said...

My husband and I were shocked at some responses too.... he even defriended some people on facebook from it. Including my best friend/maid of honor from our wedding. That kind of hurt me a bit but she was saying some things that even made me step back in surprise. :(

Amber said...

Culinary AND beauty school, very different worlds! Both sound really interesting though, looking into it is the first step!

Happy Military Spouse Appreciation Day! :)

Mamarazzi said...

ooooh i am excited to see what you decide to do...culinary or beauty.

i went to culinary school and loved every minute of it.

Rebecca said...

I definitely agree with you on the military spouse appreciation. Being in the military myself, we would be nothing without the loved ones in our lives backing us! Thank you for your and your husband's service to our country!

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