Friday, May 20, 2011

I confess


I confess that I don't really believe the rapture is happening tomorrow,

But I confess that there is a thought in the back of my mind..."what if"?

So I confess that I am grateful Sailor Man has duty tonight so he'll be home with us tomorrow.

I confess that I cried for the better part of the evening last night after everything happened,

Because, I confess, that I am religiously ignorant. I don't know that much about other religions - I've never needed to know. I believe in MY religion and it's never come up,

And so I confess, again, that I am sorry.

I confess that I feel weird about getting older. When I was a teenager, I couldn't grow up fast enough,

But with my upcoming 26th birthday, I confess, that I feel odd. It's weird being a grown up.

I confess that I just finished the entire series of "Rosewell", what a weird show. Although I suppose it's supposed to be a weird show, since it's about aliens and all...

I confess that I love instant Netflix more than I probably should,

But it's so useful, I confess that we use it at least every single day. I love that you can stream it from the X-Box.

I confess that my house is a disaster, it has been very much neglected all week, so I get to spend the morning cleaning instead of lounging like I do most Friday's.

I confess that my least favorite chore, ever, is laundry. I hate it! And no matter how often I do it, I always have to do at least 4 loads!

I confess that I'm nervous about being on the new ships FRG. I had such a bad experience with my current one that I don't want to make the same mistakes.

So I want YOU to confess to me what the best, worst, and things you wish you could change about your FRG are.


Amber said...

I confess...
I hope the rapture does happen, but only to the building I work in *hehehehe*

I had the entire series of Roswell on DVD, but recently sold it because I was desperate for money...I loved that show!

I'm turning 26 in August, and I know how you're feeling. I hate that another year has gone by in which I've accomplished nothing in my life. It's depressing, so I don't want to think about it, lol

Jenny and James said...

26 isn't that bad! I'm going to be 30, now that's weird! I confess too that I loathe laundry. In fact I spent all day doing it yesterday just to have the baby pee and throw up all over her clean never ends does it? Love YA!

Leslie said...

I confess...
I have no idea what FRG is
I hate laundry, well I hate all house work.
I hate getting the mail, nothing good ever comes, just bills...
I am a twilight junky

Bex said...

My house is a mess too. My theory is if the Rapture comes it doesn't matter that my house is dirty or the laundry isn't done. I don't mind the washing, drying, folding of the laundry, I just hate putting it away for some reason. Weird, I know.

Zara said...

I confess that I'd rather buy new clothes then do laundry. Literally, if money wasn't an issue I'd throw away everything that got dirty and just buy new ones.

I confess I spent a week cleaning the house to only look at it and go "What a mess"

Bonnie said...

Here are my confessions ;)

Mamarazzi said...

it's nice to feel safe and secure in the knowledge of the Gospel, it brings me a lot of comfort.

but i did say "if the world really is coming to an end tomorrow, I am having cake for dinner tonight!" just to be funny AND have an excuse to eat cake for dinner.

thanks for linking up doll!

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