Monday, May 23, 2011

You only get one

"In life you don't get do-overs. You can only make the mistakes and keep moving forward" - Duchess of York, Sarah Ferguson.
I think everyone is aware of my religious mistake last week. I don't want to dwell on it any longer, so I wont anymore. I've made my mistake, tried to make amends, and I'm painfully aware of exactly what I did. I am really grateful for this lesson I had to learn, it was a hard and crappy way to learn said lesson, but I am grateful for it nonetheless.
I generally shy away from the topic of religion. I would make a horrible missionary because I don't like talking about it. I feel guilty about "shoving" my religion down someone's throat. I don't like when people do it to me, so I don't do it to them. I try to stay away from the drama that surrounds religion (exception was made last week, and we all know how that ended...) because I hate it. I am not ashamed of my religion, I don't want that idea floating out there, I am just uncomfortable talking religion with every Sally and Bobby I meet. However, in light of recent events I feel like I need to share my testimony of my religion. 
I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. A Mormon. LDS. Weirdo. I grew up with this religion, and have always accepted it. I only have 1 mom, my dad only has 1 wife. Sailor Man only has 1 wife. I went through a period of trying to find my own testimony instead of borrowing someone else's, I tried to prove that it was wrong, I lashed out, I became inactive and experimented in the wrong. There was always a feeling in the very back of my mind about the church, I knew it was right, but I wanted to have my "fun",  (or what I thought was fun). I was a miserable human being during those times.
When I was 14 my dad took my older sister and I on a Church History trip over the summer. It was the last thing I wanted to do. So I made myself and everyone around me miserable for it. Much to my absolute dismay, I learned a great deal of appreciation for the early saints of the church. I gained a testimony, and I truly knew the Church was true. For years after that, I fought the truth but never forgot it. My experiences has made me who I am today. Take it or leave it...
Easily the most recognizable thing in our religion are the Temples
(Salt Lake City, UT Temple - Photobucket)

We are taught from a very young age the importance of temple work. The importance for us getting married in the Temple. It was the place I always knew I wanted to get married, and stuggled with after falling in love with Sailor Man. Sailor Man is a convert to the church, and his testimony strengthens mine everyday. I am grateful every day that he make the decision to join the church, and we were able to be married in the Temple. 

When I was 11, my dad and I took my older sister to a summer camp at BYU. As we were driving into Salt Lake I saw a building out of the corner of my eye. It was dark and the lights were on, it looked like a floating castle. I soon learned it was the Bountiful Utah Temple, and I fell in love. I knew that's where I wanted to marry my prince charming. From that year forward, every time we were in Utah, my dad always made a special trip for me to see my Temple. I was lucky enough to meet a prince and marry him in my favorite castle.

(Bountiful, UT Temple -- Photobucket)

(wedding day at Bountiful, UT Temple - July 12, 2005)
The ordinances we do in the Temple are something people speculate about a lot, because we don't talk about them. 

1. done, made, or conducted without the knowledge of others: secret negotiations.
2. kept from the knowledge of any but the initiated or privileged: a secret password.
3. faithful or cautious in keeping confidential matters confidential; close-mouthed; reticent.
1. something that is or is kept secret, hidden, or concealed.
2. a mystery: the secrets of nature
3. a reason or explanation not immediately or generally apparent.

1. in secret, unknown to others; in private; secretly: A resistance movement was already being organized in secret.


1. devoted or dedicated to a deity or to some religious purpose; consecrated.
2. entitled to veneration or religious respect by association with divinity or divine things; holy.
3. pertaining to or connected with religion ( opposed to secular or profane): sacred music; sacred books.

Do you see the difference? We're not being secret. Anyone can find out what we do, but you must be a worthy member of the church because it is sacred. 

The cornerstone of our faith is The Book of Mormon. It is a companion book to the Holy Bible, and our sacred book. 

Borrowed from - "The Book of Mormon is the word of God, like the Bible. It is Holy Scripture, with form and content similar to that of the Bible. Both books contain God's guidance as revealed to prophets as well as religious histories of different civilizations. While the Bible is written by and about the people in the land of Israel and surrounding areas, and takes place from the creation of the world until shortly after the death of Jesus Christ, the Book of Mormon contains the history and God’s dealings with the people who lived in the Americas between approximately 600 BC and 400 AD. The prophets in the Book of Mormon recorded God's dealings with His people, which were compiled by a prophet named Mormon onto gold plates."

We study it, read it, discuss it, live it, breathe it. This is what I know to be true. If you're curious and you have a few minutes, I strongly encourage you to read through that website. If you have questions, please feel free to ask me. I will do my best to answer and if I don't know the answer, I will do my best find out the answer for you. 

Another cornerstone of our faith is our living Prophet of God. President Thomas S. Monson. 

We believe the true church has been restored on the earth. We believe that the keys of the Priesthood have been restored, and yes we believe that this man is the Lord's True and Living Prophet. 
I want to leave you with my testimony. I know this Church is true. I know that President Monson is the true prophet living on the earth. I know the Book of Mormon is true. I know that Joseph Smith did exactly what he did. I know it to be true. I've felt the power of the Priesthood in my life, I've lived with the power of prayer, I believe in this church with all my heart, might, mind and strength. I am so grateful for the blessing of the Gospel in my life. For the Temple, and the promises and covenants Sailor Man and I made. I am thankful for an eternal family. I am grateful for my knowledge. 
I say these things, in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.


Photina said...

Beautifully put Mrs. S.

A Randomlicious Blog for the Soul said...

Love the post..very heartfelt!

Sarah said...

No need to keep dwelling on it. You made an honest mistake, you didn't know. Now you do. You learned and you moved on. That's what life is all about, and besides... you did not do what you did with malicious intent. It's OKAY. :)

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