Saturday, June 18, 2011


Whew. We are finally home from our vacation (Sailor Man got home a few days before us), and it is good to be home. I love going home and being with family, but I love sleeping in my OWN bed!

We had a great vacation, my nephew was born! He is the most adorable little baby boy on the plant, no lie! We spent 10 days with my in-laws, and had a BLAST. We went fishing, and Goose was the only one of us to catch a fish!

We ate a crap ton of food, I gained about 5 pounds on our trip. After Sailor Man left, Goose and I spent the next few days with my parents. Goose absolutely loves being at home, moving away from our family has been really rough on her. She comments a lot about how "when I grow up, I'm never coming back to San Diego. I'm going to live in Carson City with grandpa forever". When we got home, she ran to my dad with tears in her eyes "I missed you". *knife in the heart*

While I was away, my Summer Swap package came! Brenna, over at "Enjoying These Moments" was my partner, and I was so excited because she lives in Germany! Well, we exchanged e-mails for a while after, and it was absolutely CRAZY how much in common we had. It was like fate that we were made partners!

Adorable right? I'm in LOVE with the bag, I believe it's insulated too! Those peach rings are so delicious, yes they are open in the picture!

So, now that I'm home again -- all my regular blog posts that I do (Recipe Swap, Song Link Up, Friday Confessions/Fat Friday, and Movie Reviews) will be back starting next week. ALSO!! Be sure to check back on Monday, because I'm doing an AH-MAZING giveaway next week!


Nicole said...

great package! sounds like you had a great vacation! :)

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