Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Sponsor lovin'

see those buttons over there? ------------------------------------------------->

Those are my lovely sponsors for July!

Becca is actually a good friend of mine, I've "known" her for about 5 years now. We met in a myspace mommy group, we've never met in person, but I count her as one of my close friends! She has a fabulous little etsy shop where she makes Jewelry and so much more!

She made this Carseat Canopy/Nursing Cover for me to give to my sister when she had her baby! Adorable right?


Jennifer Jimenez is a new friend of mine!

I've never tried Tastefully Simple before, but looking at her site makes me want to try it! Doesn't this Caribbean Beach Bread look amazing? I thought so too!


Leslie and Angie are two of my bestest friends! Their brother is Sailor Man's best friend, and I've known them since we were very young. They recently started a small business, and agreed to do an ad on my page in hopes to bring them some new business! Their site is new and under construction, but you can take a look around and see some of the things they're offering. Leslie made this sign for my to give to my sister when she had her baby! Everyone loves it, even some of the nurses were taking pictures of it!


Hannah is the wife of Sailor Man's other best friend! She has recently started her own bow making shop and she does some amazing work! Check out this bow, it's Disney's Princesses!! Amazing right? {right now, until tomorrow, she's offering FREE shipping on all orders!}


Ahh... CRushGFX. She rocks my socks! I've "known" her for a little more than a year now, we're blogging buddies! We've never actually met either, but again, I consider her a good friend. She designed my layout for me, and is so super patient with me when I flip flop and I'm all over the place! She's so reasonably priced, generous, nice, and amazing she's so worth the look! She doesn't do just blogs, she does all sorts of things. She designed this ornament for me to give to Sailor Man for Christmas!


Barb is another one that I've known for a very long time. She and my older sister are the same age, and we all grew up in the same area! Barb got married about a year ago and just recently found out she's expecting! She's been crafty probably her whole life, and decided to share her craftiness with the world! Check out this adorable apron she made out of pajama pants! Yes, pajama pants!!


And finally... my own ad :) Yes I am sponsoring myself, at least for July! So you all know that I sell Scentsy, but I really want you to check out this month's warmer and scent of the month!

That cupcake is adorable right? It's Scenty's first ever 3 piece warmer. The frosting comes off, the brown is the warmer dish! You put the frosting back on because it has holes to vent the scent out the top! And for July only, it's 10% off!! The scent of the month is "Happy Birthday" - smells like a freshly baked cupcake when you warm it! So delicious!!  {not available until July 1}


As you can see I have 1 spot available still. If you're interested in purchasing that spot for July, contact me at


Becca said...

Oh thanks Sarah! One of these days, we will definitely meet! Maybe we should all go on a cruise or something to meet up. You have been so sweet to me! What a great friend even though we've never had the opportunity to meet.

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