Thursday, June 23, 2011

Thursday Five

Thursdays are a busy day for link ups!

Last weekend I scored a nice radio flyer wagon (normally $75) for $20 on craigslist! The weather has been so ideal that we've been able to enjoy taking the new wagon out everyday! Goose and I have been walking to the pool in our housing area the last couple of days and spending a few enjoyable hours there, and then coming home to a nice cool house and lounging for the rest of the afternoon. It's seriously been an ideal summer for us so far!

I can't remember when I saw this outrageous video of Tom Hanks, but I laugh every time I watch it.  
He is so loveable and adorable! I think it must be so fun to have friends like that.... 

I also want to share this outrageously fattening, but outrageously good recipe! Sailor Man likes to fry stuff, he's willing to try just about anything fried. So last night we decided to fry oreo's! I looked up a quick recipe and we went at it!

All you do is mix up some pancake batter, dip the oreo, fry, enjoy! So easy, and so outrageously enjoyable!

I'm looking forward to the rest of this fabulous summer, we don't have a lot of plans, but it's going to be a nice, ideal, enjoyable, outrageous, full of love summer for us!


Amber said...

Those fried Oreos look pretty delicious!!!!

*~BrittDill~* said...

I am totally going to have to try and make those oreos for Mr once deployment is over...he will LOVE them!

Amanda C. said...

Miles Fisher is a definite favorite of mine... and oh my goodness those fried oreos look absolutely AMAZING!

Wife on the Roller Coaster said...

That Tom Hanks video is hilarious!! I've never seen it before. Thanks for sharing!

Nicole said...

fried oreos are AMAZING!!

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