Thursday, June 30, 2011

Thursday Five


The weather in Southern California has been absolutely fabulous! I'm so glad it's not overly hot, but it's a perfectly fabulous summer day at 77 degrees! I find it satisfying to try a new recipe that everyone loves in the house, even Goose. I get a great deal of satisfaction from cooking, and watching people enjoy my food. In a perfect world, I'd own my own little restaurant so I could enjoy the faces all the time!

It's amazing how a single website can infuriate me so much. I'm so tired of blogger's issues, but I have this attachment to it. I've looked into wordpress (even have my name reserved!), but it just seems so complicated in comparison to blogger. BLAH! I wonder how much it costs to own your own website, not from a blogging site, but an actual website...?

I find it adorably sweet how much Goose wants  to help me around the house. She just wants to help with everything! I also find it sweet how when she's tired she asks me to lay with her on the couch and sing her songs. I love this time, these are the things that make all the frustrations of being a mom worth it!

Hm. I'm having a hard time coming up with a "story" for jubilant. I'm just drawing a blank...


Nicole said...

Blogger has been awful lately..but it seems to be an every other day thing. hopefully it gets better..because I pay for this crap!

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