Friday, July 8, 2011

I confess on Fat Friday


I confess...

I confess...

Weight: 268.0

I confess that I can't find my measuring tape right now, so I'll have to fill those numbers in later. I confess that when I stepped on the scale this morning and saw the results, I smiled from ear to ear. I've been feeling good all week, and I confess that it has paid off this morning! I am down, negative, missing 4.8 pounds of my former self!!! I confess that I am feeling a bit of a "high" from this morning! I can't even believe it. I confess that I feel so rockin' good!!! I hope this trend continues!

I confess that I am excited about the next couple of weeks. My dad, brother and sister are coming down tonight to visit! My dad and sister are leaving on Monday, but my brother will be here for almost 2 weeks. I confess that we have some super fun things planned, and some super fun things not planned! I confess that I am glad he will be here for our anniversary, so Sailor Man and I can go out without having to pay a babysitter -- I can make my brother some cookies or something for the same effect :)

I confess that it has been hotter than doo-doo lately outside. It really has made me not want to go outside, but I confess Goose has been bugging me and bugging me! So we'll spend the morning at the pool and then this evening we're going to a movie in the park by our house! I confess that I really love our housing area, it's so beautiful. It's nice housing, but they have like 6 parks within walking distance, a nice pool, and they are always doing something for the residents! My in-laws called it an "all inclusive resort" -- and I confess that I couldn't agree more!

I confess that despite the side effects of Clomid, I am really glad my doctor called in time. I confess that I hope for a good outcome this month. I confess that it's hard to be on this medication and my emotions getting out of whack! I hate feeling the way it makes me feel, so lame! I confess that it might all be inside my head, but I feel that with a positive attitude, I'm getting positive results!


*~BrittDill~* said...

Congrats on the weight lose and all the positiveness you are experiencing!!! Every Friday I have seen you do this link up and I think I should join, but I do not have the nerve! Kudos to you doll! :)

Brenna said...

Yeah for great results! And double yeah for positive friend! I am SOOO happy for you. Hopefully this will be a good outcome month for both of us on the fertility front!

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